Reservation FAQ

How do I book a service?

To book your service you can either book it online  or over the phone  773 747 2475 

Here is a link to book it online : BOOK

How many hours should I book ? 

Every home is different so the best way to find out how many hours u need to book, either use our Instant Quote form or Free Estimate  form.

What is your service area ? 

Please go to Help> helfull > Service Area or clikc here for our service area 

How can i reschedule or cancel my service ? 

Just simply use our Reschedule or Cancel buttons , located in the Help > Cancel  or Help > Reschedule.

How far in advance should I book?

Normally we do ask our customers for at least 24 hours advance reservation for Monday through Wednesday appointments and 48 hours advance reservation for Thursday to Saturday appointments. However we do have same day appointments at no extra charge, feel free to contact us for the same day appointment availability