In this day and age of hectic lifestyles, it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to the needs of our own living and working space. Particularly when it comes to cleaning, we often lack the time or resources to address our residential or office space cleanliness. Aside from that, there are certain circumstances wherein we need a truly professional cleaning service that is fully trained to make our residence or office spic-and-span.

Skymaids seeks to address these concerns, and has been created expressly to provide home- or business-owners with a cleaning service that surpasses all expectations.

At Skymaids, we know the value of a clean work- and living space. A pristine setting immediately contributes to a feeling of wellness and productivity, and other benefits such as the elimination of ailments associated with allergens, dust, or mold. A safe environment, not only for us, but more so for our loved ones, has been the driving force of Skymaids since its inception.

Our company has existed for more than a decade, and has been serving the Chicago area and its suburbs since 1999. Skymaids is the brainchild of Nataliia Garayda, who realized the need for a thorough and proficient cleaning service due to his experience in wanting her own residence spotless. She created Skymaids with specific objectives in mind, especially when it comes to professionalism, expertise, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing.

What started out as a simple, home-based business quickly expanded and became what it is today. Our reputation exceeds us, primarily because we have made it a point to provide specific cleaning services for our various clients. We have also created cleaning solutions that are applicable to all kinds of services, be it regular cleaning, recurring cleaning, deep cleaning, moving-in or out cleaning, or office cleaning.

Our vision at Skymaids is to provide complete professional and adequate cleaning services, with the help of a competent and rigorously trained team.

Our mission is to extend to our customers the highest cleaning service imaginable, and to go beyond mere cleaning – we have made it our goal to address all our clients’ needs and requirements, be it any type of cleaning they want.

Our staffs at Skymaids has been expertly trained in safety and procedure, and have gone through thorough background and experience checks, as well as routine performance reviews. Furthermore, our teams carry compensation and damage insurance for any unlikely event. We don’t just clean your living or working space – we make sure that all details of your preferences and requirements are recorded, to ensure that our next visit will be even more satisfying.

Skymaids has evolved through hard work and dedication, and a complete knowledge of our clients’ conditions for cleaning safety and meticulousness.

We believe that a clean home or office is essential, and that everyone deserves to breathe easily and live in untainted and immaculate surroundings. Our belief extends through our whole range of operations, and as such, we guarantee systematic and methodical cleaning services that are designed to satisfy all our clients.

We at Skymaids also give importance to the environment. Because of this, we provide you with the option to choose Eco-friendly products.

Whatever it is you need when it comes to cleaning, you can rest assured that we have it. Our quality services are the combined years of expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and cost-friendly prices.

Contact us and get to know our full range of cleaning services and packages. You, your loved ones, and your own staff deserve spotless surroundings. Take advantage of it today.